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Radical Rabbit

Radical Rabbit

Radical Rabbit is a vegan soul food pop up vendor found at various farmers markets across Nashville. Their menu is constantly changing,  from vegan BBQ burgers, ribs, mac + cheese and countless more. 

In a few sentences, what would you initially like to share about yourself and your business? 

Here at Radical Rabbit, we focus on keeping it real: progressive, natural, and revolutionary. We do that with Plant-based food. The food is soulful and taste amazing. Radical Rabbit is proud to say that everything is, and always will be, all natural and cruelty free. Radical Rabbit was created by Mariah, a dope, black. vegan mom living in Nashville, TN. 



What impact do you hope to have on your community through your platform?

That vegan food is for everyone and meant for everyone, not just those of privilege. 


Your history and mission to your work, are there guiding principles that you'd like to share?

Radical Rabbit sells vegan soul food around Nashville through a pop-up concept. At Radical Rabbit, the focus is on providing progressive, natural, and revolutionary food to all people.  


What is Radical Rabbit's sourcing process? 

Local, national, and international.

What does your team look like? How many people, and can you give us a feel of your general work environment? 

Employees of Radical Rabbit come from all walks of life. Radical Rabbit is owned by Mariah Ragland. 


What are some challenges you face in your work? 



What drives you to overcome these challenges? 

Filling the need to provide vegan soul food that is absolutely delicious and filling keeps me pushing. This is my dream and I hope to keep going no matter what faces the country and Nashville community. 




Hop on in!

Instagram: @radicalrabbit_

Phone: (865) 214-7116

Email: info@radrab.com


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