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Castle and Key gin Review | Order Now on Hot Poppy

Castle and Key gin Review | Order Now on Hot Poppy

Looking for a locally brewed gin? Look no further than Hot Poppy, where we now carry Castle and Key gin!

This delicious spirit is perfect for sipping neat or mixing into your favorite cocktail. In addition to Castle and Key, we also have a wide selection of other locally brewed beers, spirits, and wines available for home delivery.

The first Selection of castle and key gin is the Castle & Key Roots of Ruin Gin. It's Aroma is a Bright and floral, subtle baking spice, and soft pine with a taste that can be described as a Balanced notes of citrus and lemon verbena, followed by spicy ginger and sweet chamomile flower.

Delicately complex with a distinct earthy character including angelica, soft juniper, and rosemary. To Finish it off the finish of this castle and key gin is Smooth, sweet, and creamy with hints of spice.

The Second Choice of Castle & Key gin is the Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon. It's Aroma that of Rye Bread, Dry Cinnamon, Pine Resin, Red Apple Peel, and Barn Wood.

The Taste Can Be described as a Burnt Sugar, Dried Fig, Cracked Pepper, and Cherry Wood Flavored Bourbon with a Finish of Charred Oak and Molasses.

Both of these Select Gin's can Compliment the other select choices of locally brewed Beer's, Spirits, and alcohol or go great with a grass fed steak for dinner from Porter Roads. Download the Hot Poppy app today for the best selection of locally sourced groceries delivered right to your doorstep!