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Crema Coffee Roasters, Volcanic Natural Coffee Delivered by Hot Poppy

Crema Coffee Roasters, Volcanic Natural Coffee Delivered by Hot Poppy

This method involves piling the coffee cherries in a cone shape and reshaping them several times during drying to promote fermentation. The result is a slightly fruity coffee with a deep molasses-like sweetness and a hint of cinnamon.

The story behind Fazenda São Sebastião is equally impressive. The current owner, Mr. Jung Han Kim, acquired the land over 10 years ago and planted one million coffee trees. His daughter Catarina and her husband, Marcos, joined in on the vision to expand the farm and its innovation through experimental coffee processes. They have been able to secure certifications like the Rainforest Alliance.

Crema Coffee Roasters is proud to offer this coffee sourced from their partners at Collaborative Coffee Source. At Crema, they are passionate about sharing the stories behind their products, and this coffee is a testament to the bold vision of the Kim family.

So if you're looking for a unique coffee experience, try the Volcanic Natural coffee from Crema Coffee Roasters, now available for delivery through Hot Poppy.

You can now get Crema Coffee Roasters, a Nashville-based coffee roasting company that offers a variety of specialty coffees, delivered right to your doorstep through Hot Poppy. One of their products is sourced from Fazenda São Sebastião in Minas De Gerais, Brazil. The coffee is made from Yellow Catuaí varietal and processed using a method called Volcanic Natural.