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Discover the Artisanal Craftsmanship of Olive and Sinclair Chocolates

When it comes to chocolate, few companies can match the quality and craftsmanship of Olive and Sinclair. Founded in 2009 in East Nashville, Tennessee, Olive and Sinclair has become a beloved local favorite for its delicious, artisanal chocolates.

The origin story of Olive and Sinclair is a classic tale of a passionate entrepreneur. Founder Scott Witherow was inspired to create the company after a trip to Europe, where he sampled some of the finest chocolates the world has to offer. He returned to the US determined to recreate that experience and share it with others. With a small loan and a lot of hard work, Scott opened the first Olive and Sinclair shop in East Nashville.

Today, Olive and Sinclair is a beloved staple of the Nashville food scene. The company makes all of its chocolates in-house, using a combination of traditional methods and modern techniques. The result is a selection of bars, bonbons, and other treats that are truly unique.

Olive and Sinclair’s chocolate offerings range from classic favorites like milk and dark chocolate bars to more innovative creations like their signature brittles and caramels. The brittles are made with a combination of pecans, peanuts, and almonds, while the caramels are crafted with a blend of real butter, cream, and sugar. Both are perfect for snacking or gifting.

No matter what type of chocolate you’re looking for, Olive and Sinclair has something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. From their classic bars to their unique brittles and caramels, each treat is crafted with care and attention to detail. So if you’re looking for a delicious chocolate treat, look no further than Olive and Sinclair.