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Get a Taste of the South with Olive and Sinclair's Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar

When it comes to classic Southern treats, few are as beloved as the coffee crunch bar. Originating in Thailand and brought to the United States by immigrants, the coffee crunch bar has been a beloved treat for generations. Now, Nashville-based confectionery company Olive and Sinclair has taken this classic treat and put their own spin on it. The company’s coffee crunch chocolate bar marries the distinct flavor of coffee with the rich smoothness of dark chocolate. Olive and Sinclair starts by sourcing organic, fair-trade coffee beans from around the globe and roasting them in-house. The coffee beans are then mixed with organic sugar, cocoa butter and a touch of salt, resulting in a bar that is equal parts crunchy and sweet. In addition to being delicious, Olive and Sinclair’s coffee crunch chocolate bar is also made with a few simple ingredients. The bar contains just four ingredients: organic coffee, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, and sea salt. This means that you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary fillers, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients. If you’re looking for a taste of the South with a twist, then Olive and Sinclair’s coffee crunch chocolate bar is the perfect choice. The unique flavor combination of coffee and dark chocolate, combined with the simple ingredient list, make this bar a classic that is sure to please.