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The delicious and healthy tempeh from Short Mountain Cultures

Short Mountain Cultures is a local tempeh company in Middle Tennessee that is quickly gaining popularity for their delicious and healthy products. The company started out as a small operation, selling their tempeh at farmers markets and local stores. However, demand for their products soon grew, and they decided to open up a retail space. 

The retail space offers a variety of fermented foods, as well as local and natural groceries. Customers can also enjoy a cup of coffee or a baked good while they shop.  The company is committed to sourcing locally whenever possible. Their vegetables are grown locally, and their glass packaging is manufactured near Memphis. They also use ceramic crocks from Southern Ohio. 

In addition to selling their products, Short Mountain Cultures also hosts workshops with fermentation revivalist Sandor Katz. These workshops are designed to educate customers about the importance of fermentation and seasonal produce.  If you're looking for delicious and healthy fermented foods, be sure to check out Short Mountain Cultures and you can get a home delivery along with other farm fresh groceries through Hot Poppy.