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The Hummus Chick Story: How One Woman's Passion Became a Nashville Favorite


Hummus Chick, a Nashville favorite, has partnered with Hot Poppy, a local farm fresh grocery delivery app that partners with local vendors around Nashville, to give a new platform to local food creators. This partnership is a perfect match, as both companies share a love for fresh, high-quality food made with locally sourced ingredients.

The founder of Hummus Chick was born to Persian parents in the oasis of UAE, surrounded by desert dunes and date-bearing palm trees. Her world was shaped by vibrant cultures and unique cuisines from around the world. That’s where her passion for food and people came together. In 1998, she was welcomed to Middle Tennessee with open arms as an international university student and planted roots in Nashville as an immigrant.

As she missed foods from her childhood, she found herself falling in love with cooking and recreating food experiences that brought communities together. It was during a surfing trip to California that she experienced one of those life-changing moments that you often hear about but never expect to happen to you. While sitting on her surfboard in the Pacific Ocean, waiting for a wave, she was struck with a sudden realization: if cooking for friends is her passion, she should start a company that allows her to share that love of food and flavors with others. Hummus Chick was created, and upon her return to Nashville, she rented a kitchen and has been living her dream ever since! By the way, she’s a better hummus artisan than a surfer.

Her food philosophy is sacred. She creates recipes influenced by nature and the Mediterranean culture. The more colorful the recipe, the happier she is. She incorporates the same philosophy when concocting Hummus Chick hummus and spice blends. Since Hummus Chick was introduced at the Nashville farmers market, their brand has evolved by listening to captivating stories of the Mediterranean. This is how their spice line was created. Her recipes are gifts of gratitude to the forged friendships and community she’s been happy to call home, and she hopes you enjoy them too. Feed your body and nourish your soul!

Hot Poppy's mission is to provide a simple way for people to access locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients, while supporting small businesses and local farmers. They partner with local vendors around Nashville to offer fresh produce, meats, dairy, and pantry staples. This partnership with Hummus Chick is a natural fit for Hot Poppy, as they share the same values of supporting and promoting local food creators.

Together, Hummus Chick and Hot Poppy are bringing the best of Nashville's local food scene to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for the perfect hummus dip or fresh produce for your next meal, you're sure to find something to love from these two amazing companies.