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Gilmore Goods - Almond Crumb Cake | GF + DF


Ingredients: Gluten-Free Flour, Dairy-Free butter, Pasture Raised Eggs, Organic Cane Sugar, Almonds, Organic Gluten-Free rolled oats, Organic brown sugar, Organic Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Almond extract, Current fruit: Honey Crisp Apple cooked in avocado oil.

This Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Almond Crumb Cake is truly one of my favorite desserts, and one you'll want to eat over and over - It's sweet, nutty and perfectly moist with seasonal rotating fruit. 

Current Seasonal fruit: Apples (cooked in avocado oil)

Size: 4in, 4oz sold individually. 

Gilmore Goods - Nashville, TN