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Gifford's Bacon

The bacon began as a happy experiment. Chef Kristin Beringson (then of Holland House) approached Nathan and asked him to make some bacon for her. So, Nathan embarked on creating the perfect dry rub and smoking a 10 lb pork belly in his garage. Word began to spread and soon Nathan and his wife Nicole began smoking more and more bacon - so much so that the house and neighborhood started to smell like smoke. Nathan realized there was a market for really well done smoked meat that chefs could not create in their own kitchens. 

Realizing there was a market for this premium bacon, Nathan moved the operation out of his house to some space in Nick’s Bar-B-Que. There he was able to cure and smoke bacon on a much larger level. More and more chefs learned about the special bacon, the more space he needed. When he asked about what would happen when he filled all of the space, he was told to get to that point first. And get there he did - seemingly over night.



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