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Pure Pasture Farm - 3.33-4.34 lbs | Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken


Parting a whole chicken may take some extra effort, but it comes with many benefits. Buying chickens whole is a better deal than buying the parts separately. Parting out the chicken take some effort but comes with many extra benefits. Each cut of our poultry has a unique flavor profile so there's lots of recipe alternatives to try out and you can even use the leftover parts to make a hearty soup stock.This product, like the rest of our products, is non-GMO and raised by our family on our Tennessee farmstead. There are no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or other additives in our meats.

Whole Chicken ≈ 3.9 lbs

Chickens are not cooked.

Stored Frozen.

Pure Pasture Farm - Springfield, TN