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Porter Road - 1 lbs | Dry Aged Ground Beef


Always Pasture-Raised, No Antibiotics or Added Hormones.

Simply put, the quality of Porter Road's dry aged beef combined with a perfectly balanced meat to fat ratio makes this burger incredibly flavorful. Imagine the best steakhouse burger you’ve ever had… and now imagine making it at home.

Cooking Notes: Ground beef is very versatile. Pre-heat the pan until it's nice and hot. Add the meat and use a stiff spatula to break down the meat. Let meat cook for 7-10 minutes.

Some use designer cuts to make their burgers sound more delicious, but it’s the fat ratio and the quality of the beef that makes a difference. PRB's burger is a whole-animal grind, which means they can use more of the steer and serve you a more honest value. It’s the quality of their beef paired with the fat ratio and dry aging that makes our burger so flavorful.

1 lbs

Porter Road Butcher - Nashville, TN.

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