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Wise Butter - 4 oz | Dark Wildflower Honey Butter


Ingredients: Unsalted butter, *local raw honey, vanilla extract, Ceylon cinnamon, and Hawaiian sea salt

Contains: Milk

TN Artisan Honey’s dark wildflower honey provides a dark sweetness akin to brown sugar. The sweetness is accentuated with a little vanilla and cinnamon. This butter adds Hawaiian sea salt for crunch and to add a savory element. This sea salt is non-processed and rich in both natural and trace minerals as well as Iron-Oxid.

How to use: Use this beautiful, red flecked butter to top yeasty Parker House rolls, baked apples or carrots, scones, cakes, or corn muffins. Add a little Dijon mustard and use it to sauce chicken or salmon.

4 oz 

Wise Butter - Nashville, TN.