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Ousley Ouch Salsa

Two decades ago, Ric and his sister Mona Ousley craved a salsa that they simply could not find anywhere. So in true American fashion, they decided to make their own salsa. After much experimenting and taste-testing, they finally created a salsa that perfectly piqued their palate. They  take pride in their  salsa – its ingredients and their methods. Ousley Ouch Salsa has a thick and chunky texture which comes from the onions and jalapeño peppers which are diced by hand. The jalapeños are grown locally on a farm in Nashville where at times the jalapeños are added to the batches within hours of picking. Aside from the fresh onions and jalapeños, at least over a dozen herbs and spices are used to create the magical flavor that has family and friends saying, “Ouch!  I can’t stop eating!”


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