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Porter Road Butcher

Online Meat Delivery Service

We offer the highest quality meat delivered to your door at Hot Poppy. Our online meat delivery service gives you that local butcher shop quality without the hassle of going to the grocery store. Hot Poppy sources its meat from Porter Road Butcher. Porter Road Butcher is an East Nashville butcher shop. Porter Road butcher has a mission to produce "meat without compromise." Their philosophy states: "We believe that animals should be raised in a way that allows them to express their natural tendencies, and that food animals should be slaughtered and butchered with respect. Furthermore, we believe that our customers should know how animals are raised and should have access to the same high-quality meat whether they shop at a boutique butcher shop or their neighborhood grocery store".

Hot Poppy's partnership with Porter Road Butcher guarantees that you will be getting the highest quality meat products delivered directly to your door. So whether you are cooking with a grill, sous vide, or putting together a charcuterie board, we have you covered. No matter the occasion you are celebrating, a quiet evening at home with a special someone, or a family dinner, you can always count on Hot Poppy to deliver quality meat from Porter Road Butcher.

Porter Road Butcher

Porter Road Butcher is Nashville's first small-scale, whole animal butchery specializing in local grass-fed beef, heritage pork, and non-GMO chicken. This is the only place in Nashville where you can get local beef, dry-aged for at least 14 days before being cut and wrapped. There is something for everyone with rotating cuts of meat, ranging from grass-fed sirloin to bacon and ground beef. Porter Road Butcher also offers house-made sausages, smoked bone marrow, and sandwiches. Their butchers know their meat and take pride in what they offer.

Their standards are relatively high. They don't believe in terms like "cage-free" or "organic." Instead, Porter Road Butcher thoroughly vets their partners against the highest possible criteria and frequently visits farms to ensure that the animals are raised outside, fed vegetarian food, and treated with appropriate care at every step of the process. As a result, you are getting the highest quality pasture-raised meat.

At their Kentucky farm, where they meticulously hand-cut every piece of meat to ensure nothing good goes to waste, their dedication to the animal continues. But, there's so much more to love than T-bones and ribeyes, and they want you to discover it for yourself.

Porter Road Butchers 14 day dry aging process, results in moisture and flavor intensity that will revolutionize how you think about beef. Their chicken is a vibrant yellow, and their pork has a deeper hue. These unique qualities of their meat is due to the animal's balanced diet and outdoor activity - you can taste the pastures they've been grazing on.

Porter Road Butcher believes in transparency, so their meat is separated into two categories: "Local" and "Not-So-Local." On the Local side, you'll find cuts of beef, pork, and chicken sourced from within a 100-mile radius of Nashville. The Not-So-Local section features proteins native to Middle Tennessee, not a local farm, but still matching their quality standards. Their meat is processed at an Animal Welfare Approved facility in Kentucky. Because it's non-GMO, free-range, and grass-fed, they can guarantee it doesn't contain any of the stuff you don't want.

At their East Nashville butcher shop, they cut to order so that their clients always get exactly what they want. If you're not sure how to prepare your meat, their butchers are delighted to share advice on how to get the most out of your purchase from Porter Road Butcher.

Porter Road Butcher employs skilled chefs with experience preparing meals for families. They prepare fresh stocks, render lard and tallow, cook soups, prepare bbq sauce and make meatballs to give with ready-to-eat food. In addition, they carry locally produced pickles, milk, bread, crackers, and condiments to fill your kitchen with the greatest Nashville has to offer.

Additionally, Porter Road Butcher shop offers a rotating variety of approximately 30 local, regional, and imported cheeses. They also have pâté, terrines, and charcuterie prepared in-house, as well as dry-cured goods from The Spotted Trotter and Smoking Goose.

Grass-Fed Beef

Porter Road Butcher's ground beef is the best in Nashville. Their beef is grass-fed and sourced from family farms in Tennessee. Their grass-fed beef is different from what you might be used to. It has a looser consistency and is often much darker in color than grain-fed beef, but that's because it's full of wonderful things like omega-3s and beta carotene. Porter Road Butcher's grass-fed beef tastes great. Not only does the meat have wonderful flavors, but you are also supporting a local farm and butcher shop.

Porter Road Butcher offers many cuts of beef. Typical cuts include shoulder roast, top sirloin steak, blade steak, short ribs, rib eye, filet mignon, and ground beef. A shoulder roast is the cut of the animal from the shoulder to the rib. It is often called pot roast, though it can be used in many other recipes. The meat is good for stews and slow-cooked meals. A top sirloin steak is a large cut of meat that can be prepared in many ways. They are also called strip steaks, New York strips, Kansas City strips, or top loin steaks. 

Pork Chops

Porter Road Butcher’s pork chops are sourced from pasture-raised pigs. Pork chops are cut from the pig's porterhouse (the shoulder). Pork chops are flavorful, versatile, and lean. When cooked properly, pork chops are moist and delicious. Porter Road Butcher's pork chops are high-quality meat with a great flavor. They are naturally raised in open pastures with enriched woodland habitats. Their partner farms pride themselves on the humane treatment of the animal and don't use growth hormones.

Porter Road Butcher offers many cuts of pork. Different cuts of pork include spare ribs, country-style ribs, and ground pork. Spare ribs are large and meaty. The ribs are taken from the belly section of the animal, so they contain fat. They can be barbecued or cooked in stews. Country-style ribs are very similar to spare ribs; however, they are usually less fatty. Country-style ribs are also called baby back ribs, loin back ribs, and back ribs. Ground pork is very versatile. It can be used as a red meat substitute or a protein source for tacos and pasta dishes. In addition, ground pork is a common ingredient in many Asian dishes, such as lo mein and sweet and sour.

Lamb and Veal

Porter Road Butcher offers many cuts of lamb. More common cuts are shoulder roast, leg chops, and ground lamb. Lamb shoulder roast is usually cooked at low temperatures for an extended period. Low-temperature cooking allows the outside layer to cook slowly, creating a crispy crust. When the roast is done, the inside layer is still very rare or medium rare. Shoulder roast can be used in recipes such as gyros or pastitsio. Leg chops are pork chops that come from the leg of the animal. They can be used in recipes like chops suey or stir-fry dishes. Ground lamb is very similar to ground pork; however, it is much leaner. The meat can be cooked in many ways, such as soups and casseroles.

Porter Road Butcher offers many cuts of Veal. Some of the veal cuts offered by Porter Road include shoulder steak, ground veal, and top round roast. The shoulder steak comes from the part of the animal between the shoulder and rib. It is used in recipes such as fajitas and stir-fry dishes. Ground veal is very lean meat that can be used in many different meals. The meat can be used as a substitute for ground beef. As the name indicates, the top round roast is a roast cut from the top round portion of the animal.

Sausage and Bratwurst

Porter Road Butchers also have a great variety of fresh sausages, such as smoked bratwurst. Their sausage is all-natural which means no artificial ingredients, added gluten, or soy. All of their sausages are perfect for grilling, frying, or steaming. Their sausage varieties include breakfast sausage, sweet Italian sausage, and andouille sausage. Their sausages are made with the highest quality ingredients for a gourmet taste.

The process to make sausages and bratwurst starts with grinding the meat. The meat is ground by cutting it into cubes and then running it through a grinder. Careful attention is made to ensure that all of the meat is evenly ground and consistently mixed with spices and other ingredients. After this, all sausage varieties are stuffed into natural hog casings for their distinctive shape and presentation.

Fresh bratwurst from Porter Road Butcher is another great meal option that can be prepared in multiple ways. It makes a great addition to any grill with various barbecue sauces and sides. The smoked bratwurst has a strong flavor bursting with herbs and spices that is distinctive, but not overpowering. The sausage makes it easy to grill in the backyard or tailgate at a sporting event. The bratwurst is also delicious in pasta, pizza, or quiche with other proteins such as bacon and eggs for a hearty breakfast dish.

Andouille Sausage

Porter Road Butcher’s smoked sausage selection includes smoked andouille sausage. This sausage has a flavor that is both earthy and spicy. The sausage variety comes from Louisiana, known for its particularly rich Cajun dishes. This sausage compliments any one gourmet salad perfectly or combined with rice or other vegetables for a more filling meal.

The smoked andouille recipe uses the same craftsmanship as all of Porter Road Butcher's other gourmet sausages. The smoked andouille sausage recipe grinds the meat to ensure a consistent, even mixture of ingredients. After this, it is mixed together with other vital ingredients such as brown sugar for added sweetness. And finally, it is stuffed into pork casings and slowly smoked over hickory wood for several hours. The resulting sausage has a color, look, and taste that is similar to traditional chorizo sausage with the flavor of smoked bacon.

Sweet Italian Sausage

Porter Road Butcher’s sweet Italian sausage is a variety made with fennel. This is a flavor not often found in homemade sausages and has a distinctive taste of its own. For those unfamiliar, fennel is an aromatic herb found at most grocery stores or farmer's markets all year round. The sausage recipe starts with the meat being ground into small cubes mixed with spices and herbs. The mixture is then rolled out and cut into sausages before being cooked in hot water.

The sweet Italian sausage has a mild flavor that can easily be combined with other ingredients for an extra kick of protein or flavor. It is equally delicious when paired with pasta sauce, breakfast sausage links, eggs, or vegetables like peppers and onions.


Dry aging beef is a unique process that allows small amounts of air to circulate the meat. This removes excess moisture from the beef, resulting in more tender meat. As the beef ages, enzymes break down proteins in the muscle leading to more significant muscle fragmentation. This results in more tender meat once cooked. The broken-down proteins are responsible for most of the flavors when cooking with dry-aged beef. Because this process does involve time, older animals are more desirable because they have higher concentrations of fat. The fat helps to keep the meat moist. The fat also lets salt penetrate further into the meat, giving it more flavor. The flavor of dry-aged beef is often described as nutty or sweet.

These factors all lead to improved tenderness, flavor, and texture in beef that has gone through the dry-aging process. There are many benefits associated with this type of aging. Unfortunately, it's also expensive, making it difficult for many people to try it. Porter Road Butcher in East Nashville has decided to offer their customers the delicacy of dry-aged beef, but at a price that is more accessible for everyday budgets.