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What We Do

  One sunny, afternoon in the early days of the pandemic, Hot Poppy formed around this question; Amazon/Whole Foods is trucks and warehouses. Could the local economy do the same but with the higher quality, freshness and care that comes with individuals owning what they do?

  So here we are with a local delivery app doing just that. We connect over 65 local producers with the community who traditionally goes above and beyond to support them.

It is super straight forward. For items on the app that we can put in dry storage, refrigerate for a while or freeze, we buy wholesale and hold the inventory ourselves. For the fresh produce, baked goods and other time sensitive items, we take your orders and relay those to our partners. So when you get that produce or baguette on Tuesday/Friday morning, it was literally just on the farm or in the oven. That is pretty much it. Supporting local puts the power in the creators and folks who bring color and individuality in a world that seems bent on tumbling towards a singular, grey, and homogenous society.
Follow us on Instagram @hotpoppygo, or reach out to ava@hotpoppygo.com to stay up to date with our vendors!

Thanks for shopping local!