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Nashville CSA

Nashville CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a way to provide funding for small middle Tennessee farms. CSA members buy a share of the produce from the farm, a local farm box, usually directly from the farmer or at a local market. In return for their money, they get fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the growing season. It's not just about saving money on food costs, but you are helping farms raise funds, and in return members receive quarterly, monthly, or weekly packages of produce. Doing this gives consumers a sense of connection to their food and the farm in which it is being produced. By going to your local market and picking up your produce directly from the farmers producing it builds a sense of community and understanding between farmers and the people they feed.

The CSA program is not limited to just nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables. Many livestock farms also participate in the program. These farms offer everything from eggs, to beef, pork, and lamb. The meat received as part of the program is usually slaughtered and butchered on the farm to ensure quality. Many farms participate in CSA's, the most notable are Bloomsbury Farm, Caney Fork Farms, and Smokin' Oaks Organic Farm.

Bloomsbury Farm

Bloomsbury Farm is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Their farm is certified organic. They have a commitment to community supported agriculture and to deliver high-quality and healthy produce to market, and that is reflected in their farming techniques. Bloomsbury Farm produces sprouts and wheatgrass, some of the finest in Tennessee. From seed to growing techniques, the process is all organic. You can find their products through wholesale, retail locations, and at the Nashville Farmers Market. Bloomsbury Farms can proudly be purchased right here at Hot Poppy, featuring their peppers, sweet potatoes, summer squash, and spices. Bloomsbury Farms CSA box is one of the best ways to get a variety of their freshest produce delivered right to your door.

Caney Fork Farm

Caney Fork Farm is located in Carthage, Tennessee which is east of Nashville. They sell certified organic meat and produce at their farm store, as well as other local farmers' markets. Caney Fork Farm has many years of experience raising animals humanely, with care for the land and animals. Their farm uses Carbon Farming as a way to produce fewer carbon emissions. They have a commitment to further developing and educating about Carbon Farming techniques.  Most importantly they are committed to producing high-quality organic food in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Caney Fork Farm has high-quality vegetables, beef, lamb, pork, and chestnuts. At Hot Poppy, we stand behind the products offered by Caney Fork Farm and offer their spices and vegetables.

Smokin' Oaks Organic Farm

Smokin' Oaks Organic Farm is located in Tennessee and offers a wide selection of certified organic beef, pork, and chicken. Their farm has a commitment to farming organically and being stewards of the land. Great care is taken in the way their livestock is raised to ensure that consumers are receiving the highest grade of meat on the market. From the organic feed and care given to the animals, Smokin Oaks offers amazing bacon, sausage, steak, and chicken wings. Hot Poppy takes pride in offering Smokin' Oaks bacon, sausage, ground beef, steaks, and pork chops. We even offer butcher's bundles so you can try a variety of the delicious meats offered by Smokin' Oaks Organic Farm.

Certified Organic

Saying that produce is certified organic means that it has been grown/raised according to strict standards set by an organic certification association. Those standards include the use of only organically grown seeds and plants. Furthermore, farmers cannot use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on crops and no antibiotics or hormones in livestock. Growers must keep detailed records to ensure that they're meeting all standards. Inspections are required at various stages throughout the growing or raising process. Growers must pay a fee for certification, and keep records of sale to verify that they're meeting the high quality standards.

Organic produce and meat are substantially better for your health. Science has shown that some non-organic pesticides can be more toxic than DDT and that eating some non-organically raised meat can lead to weight gain.

The soil of organic farms is also better for the environment as it produces less pollution. Furthermore, many organic vegetables are richer in vitamins and antioxidants than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Taking all of this into account, it makes sense to pay attention to labels and farms that are producing your food. The Nashville CSA program offers mostly certified organic farms with their program. This will ensure you are receiving the best food for your diet and health.


Grass-fed livestock means that there is no corn or grain in the diet of the animals being raised. Grass-fed animals are out in the pasture all day, eating grass and clover. Grass-fed animals are not caged or confined; they move around freely, without fear of their young being taken from them. Because of this, they produce delicious and nutritious milk, eggs, and meat. There are many benefits to their health and appearance, especially when compared to animals that are factory farmed. Grass-fed beef, for example, has lower levels of saturated fat than grain-fed animals, so it's better for your heart. There is a great difference in terms of taste and texture with grass-fed animals, as well. The taste is generally much better, and the meat is generally leaner, darker, and richer in color.

Hot Poppy's Commitment

Hot Poppy offers many products that are organic and/or grass-fed. We take specific care to ensure that all of our farmers are raising their produce and livestock in a way that is good for the environment and good for you to consume. The farms we've chosen as partners demonstrate responsible farming, stewardship over their land, and deliver an exceptional product.

Much like the CSA boxes, at Hot Poppy, we deliver the freshest produce and meat right to your door. You can put together your own mix of goods or order some of our preselected CSA bundles. Whatever you choose, we are sure that the food you are getting delivered from us is of the highest quality and perfect for your next meal.