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4USNACKS - Whiteout Yeti Granola | 8oz


Whiteout Yeti Granola - Gluten-Free - Oil-Free - Soy-Free - Dairy-Free

Our philosophy on granola-  If you have to add to It (fruit.. Ect.) you don't have great granola. You literally have a snack you are doctoring up to want to eat! 

Whats in our granola & how does it taste?

Our whiteout yeti  granola has an assortment of almonds and coconut. We use a very low amount of high quality grade maple syrup with a hint of honey & cinnamon. As far as salt goes, as a company only pink or white Himalayan salt will do. This granola was  made for our sweet tooth lovers. Our granola is a combination of clusters as well as loose, and has the right firmness without being too hard.  Wonderful on its own or paired with yogurt, eating as a cereal or any combination you can dream up!