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Chai Wallah - 32 oz | Chai Concentrate


You'll find out Chai to be quite different than Western Chai you may have had. Expect a punch of spice, with cardamon prominence, and an after-burn of fresh ginger. We sweeten Jaggery, and unrefined sugar known for its nutritional properties.

Ingredients: water, ginger, Jaggery (unrefined sugar), fair trade organic black tea, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, glucose-delta-lactone (as an all-natural acidifier), allspice, black pepper, cloves, saffron.

Prep: Mix 1:1 with milk of choice

Serve iced, steamed, or heated up to 170ºF slowly while stirring over medium heat. Don't boil me!

We believe organic, whole cow's milk yields best results.

Refrigerate after opening

32 oz

Chai Wallah - Nashville, TN.