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Our 2022 pasture raised turkey will be the piece de resistance of your Thanksgiving dinner! Using the same practices we apply to our pasture raised chicken year round, we start a small flock of Broad Breasted White & Bronze poults in late May 2022. This docile domestic breed of turkey is known for their tender, juicy meat. They will spend their days foraging for protein rich bugs and consuming a mix of fresh annual and perennial forage from our pastures, with access to a supplemental free-choice feed (Non GMO & soy-free) to ensure they have a well balanced diet.

These pasture raised turkeys have ranged from 11-20lbs in previous years. Priced at $7.99/lb, this deposit reserves your family’s bird & the deposit will be deducted from the total per/lb price of the bird when the bird is delivered. For example, a 12lb bird @ $7.99 will be $95.88. Less the $50 deposit, the amount due at the delivery date would be $45.88. 


Comes frozen.