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Crema Coffee Roasters - 12 oz | Blue Heron Blend


Tastes like: Fruity, Caramel, Milk Chocolate.

A blend of fully-washed and natural-processed coffee from Mexico

REGION: Chiapas, Mexico and Oaxaca, Mexico
FARM/MILL: Finca Miraville, El Chango
PRODUCER: Rodolfo Santizo and Juventina Diaz, Wilfredo Martinez Gonzales
PROCESS: Natural and Fully Washed 

Relationally sourced through our partners at Caravela Coffee.

12 oz - Whole Bean

Have you ever seen a Blue Heron in the wild? Coming across one feels almost mythic--they are giant, stoic, and completely unbothered by your presence. Our head roaster, Winston, named this blend “Blue Heron” in homage to the ones that he sees on his walks in the park. 

Imagine for a moment: brisk Tennessee morning, your cold hands in your pockets, and you’re startled, then stilled by the presence of a majestic bird. Perhaps a sense of harmony fills you and you wish that all creatures could recognize that we’re better together. 

The milk chocolatey body of El Chango combines with the punchy fruitiness of Finca Miraville, a naturally-processed coffee from Mexico. They not only pair delightfully with one another, they create a by-product of a caramel-like sweetness that is nothing short of special. 

You shed a single tear and think that the whole truly is more than the sum of its parts and you really should walk more and take time to pay attention to the beauty around you. 

*Or, something like that. We can not make any claims that this blend will actually be life altering, but it is very, very good

Crema Coffee Roasters - Nashville, TN