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Crema Coffee Roasters - 12 oz | Tres Banderas


Tastes Like: Stone Fruit, Caramel, Dark Chocolate.

Latin America/Africa Blend that changes components seasonally (Currently: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil)

REGION: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil
FARM/MILL: La Lia, Limu, São Sebastião
PROCESS: Fully Washed and Natural

Components sourced from a variety of trusted partners.

12 oz - Whole Bean

The Tres Banderas ("Three Flags") Blend hails from three different countries and changes seasonally. The final cup has hints of bright ripe fruits that maintains a rich, full body. We roast this blend a little differently than our other coffees, developing the sweet sugars that produce a balanced, full bodied coffee that can be served either as espresso or filter coffee.

Tres Banderas is our top selling coffee, and while the components shift throughout the year, it is always a phenomenal balanced blend that offers comfort and nuance for anyone that enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Crema Coffee Roasters - Nashville, TN