Crisis Cold Brew - Guatemala Hunapu Coffee Concentrate | 32 oz


tasting notes: dark chocolate, pear, hazelnut

This coffee lends to a very chocolately and smooth cold brew. tastes great straight or served with a little milk (we prefer oat milk!)

The beans we use are provided by Osa Coffee Roasters, and we wouldn't have it any other way. owners Lesa and Jack roast thoughtfully sourced coffees with big flavors. we pick up our freshly roasted coffee from them weekly!


DILUTE WITH WATER 50% and serve over ice

or dilute with “milk” 50% for a latte-style drink

each 32 oz bottle serves 8-10 glasses of cold brew, depending on how much you’re pourin’

stay cool, keep it refrigerated

( hot tip, you can dilute the concentrate as usual and heat it up. makes a smooth cuppa joe.)