Honest Coffee - Snapchilled Coffee | 12 oz Can


H.C. Roasters Canned Iced Coffee is a single origin Papua New Guinea. This is the same iced coffee served in our shops! What makes our canned coffee different? Great Question!


  • its Snapchilled, meaning it is cooled instantaneously as its being brewed without ice. So it's never watered down!
  • it has a shelf life of 10 months un-refrigerated! So this pup can be shipped straight to you!!
  • it's nitrogen sealed, to prevent aging and it going bad


Tasting Notes: Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Root Beer, Dark Cherry, Fruit, Slight Mint Finish 

Body: Full & Sweet

Origin: Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea

Finish: Clean

Process: Washed


We cut no corners with this product! We wanted to bring you a canned coffee that would last, taste delicious, and a coffee you could rely on!


1 12 oz Can


Honest Coffee