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Porter Road - 0.5-0.75 lbs | Dry Aged Sierra Steak


This is an awesome dry aged steak from the beef’s chuck section, that's a great, smaller, alternative to Flank  Steak. Butchers rarely bother retrieving this cut due to its small size, but what it lacks in heft it makes up for in flavor. Serve rare and slice against the grain for the best results.

Cooking Notes: Marinate then sear over medium-high heat, rest, and slice against the grain. This cut is also great sous vide then seared.

Sierra Steak is from the top of the chuck flap, cut from atop Boneless Short Ribs. This part of the animal gets a great workout from living a pasture-raised lifestyle, which intensifies the deep flavors of this dry aged cut.

0.5-0.8 lbs

Porter Road Butcher - Nashville, TN.