“Best of 2020” Produce Bundle


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“Nashville has seen its share of thunderstorms in 2020. But we’ve also seen plenty of silver linings.”


Thank you to the Nashville Scene for this incredible HONOR & for shining a 💡 on Hot 🐝 Poppy!

Y’all have shown us nothing but Love & we cannot thank you enough. Let’s keep fighting the good fight Nashville 🌞

Offering  a great special on this produce bundle packed with local produce!

Spinach | 1 bunch

Arugula| 1 bunch

Oyster Mushroom | 4 oz

Shiitake Mushroom | 8 oz

Delicata Squash | 1 lbs

Green Tomatoes | 1 lbs

Jalapeños | 3 oz

White Daikon Radish | 1 bunch 

Golden Delicious Apples | 4



All organic.


Bloomsbury Farm 

Shiloh Farm

Villa Acre Farm

Barefoot Farmer