Professor Bailey's - The Spicier Pimento Cheese | 8 oz


Spicier Pimento Cheese:

Like the Spicy pimento cheese, the heat comes on at the very end, but it comes on a little stronger and lasts a little longer. It has everything that's in the Spicy, but we added little habanero and a pure chili powder. We also left the pith in the jalapeño, so it's heat shows up to the party!

All of our pimento cheeses have Freshly shredded Extra-sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack, pimentos, red bell pepper, jalapeño (the pith is removed in the Savory and Spicy so you get a little tang, but not the heat), Tabasco, onion, vinegar, black pepper, garlic, and just enough mayo to bind it together (about 1/2 tbsp per container).