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12 oz | 8th & Roast Flash Chilled Coffee - Switter's Iced Coffee


Our 1st collaboration can is with local Nashville roaster, 8th & Roast!  Using their Sunflower Espresso blend, this coffee is a smooth medium body with tasting notes of rich dark chocolate, toasted almond and a nice cherry finish! Chocolate covered cherry anyone?

12 oz.

Cold Brew vs Flash Chilled Coffee? The difference is in the name. 

Cold Brew is: brewed cold. Beans are immersed into room temp or cold water and set aside for a period of time. Usually 24 hours. The resulting flavor is often one-note, chocolatey and an unpleasant bitter that is remedied by diluting with water, cream and sugar. If that's your jam, go for it!

Flash chilled coffee is: brewed hot and rapidly cooled. We are able to create a variety of flavor profiles in our iced coffees simply based on what takes place when the source of the coffee cherries, the processing, roasting and possible blending of the beans meets hot water. But you don't always want HOT coffee so flash chilling is our way of playing freeze tag to keep those flavors around.

Switters Iced Coffee - Nashville, TN